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Organic Cinnamon

For ages, cinnamon trees have been planted, overlapping each other through multi-generations of human life. In the season, from grandparents to children, the extended family goes to the forest to harvest cinnamon. Yen Bai cinnamon trees have long become a forest, a unique property of the Dao and the Tay ethnic communities living here. It is no exaggeration that they compare cinnamon to “green gold” bringing a prosperous life to people. Therefore, not only is its practical use in life, but cinnamon is also a symbol in ethnic culture and spirit. This sacred object helps to tighten the connection between generations. Regarding marriage, in the Dao, the Tay often give their children a piece of the cinnamon forest as a precious dowry that parents give their children as capital later. The culture’s beauty is passed down from generation to generation.

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