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Organic Ginger

Ginger was introduced to the Mediterranean region by the Arabs. Then, in 150, Ptolemy, a Greek scientist, recorded ginger produced in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for the first time. Purchased by the Greeks and Romans from Arab traders, it was one of the first oriental spices to reach Europe. In Asia, fresh ginger rhizomes are an essential ingredient in many dishes, while dry powdered spices are more common in European cooking, especially gingerbread dishes. In addition, ginger is often used in medicine.
At Vinasamex, organic ginger material areas are grown in Bac Kan. There are suitable climatic conditions and nutrient-rich soil favorable for the growth and development of ginger plants. Throughout the hills, under the canopy of old-growth forests, organic ginger is grown according to its standards with many strict standards, from selecting soil and seedlings to cultivating and harvesting.

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