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The Touch of Nature

Pioneering enterprise to bring Vietnamese organic Cinnamon, Star Anise & Spices to the world. 

Sustainable Quality

Cinnamon and Star anise are cultivated, hand-harvested, and processed according to scientific processes from seedling to finished products, with strict control to achieve the highest quality in accordance with international standards.

High Prestige

With well-trained and experienced staff-workers, modern facilities and equipment of international standards help VINA SAMEX always put prestige on the top and becomes a trusted and reliable partner of customers. 

Humanities Morality

With the motto of being a faithful companion with destitute farmers in the uplands, VINA SAMEX is committed to bring benefits and care for a warm life to each family, bring long – term development cooperation.

About Us

Vinasamex,.JSC is a major producer, trader and exporter of organic cinnamon, anise and spices in Vietnam. We choose to pursue a business model that creates social impact, bringing sustainable value to people in the chain and other stakeholders.

06/2013 - 6/2015
10/2015 - 05/2016
Vinasamex leaders initiated by learning by themselves, asking for and consulting opinions from experts working in governmental associations.
Vinasamex started to approach and define the material areas, learned ways of collection and production from farmers, and took land and water samples for quality testing.
Wholeheartedly persuaded farmers to believe in core values of cinnamon and star anise tree manufactured in the right process to their families; and invited the farmers to join the value chain.
The value chain in organic manu- facturing accomplished, with training and guiding given to native farmers.
Vinasamex invested and built the factory and management system in order to achieve international certifications.
International organic certifications achieved.


We have partnered with leading independent certifiers to ensure the quality of our spices. Annual inspection and certification per organic standards are carried out. As a result, Vinasamex is proud to provide customers with quality assurance regarding genetic origin, cultivation, harvesting, and processing. Besides, it depicts our efforts in pursuing positive three pillars of sustainability: the economy, society, and the environment.


All products are nature

On the journey to bring the cinnamon brand and Vietnam’s organic (organic) renaissance to reach the international market, Vinasamex has encountered many difficulties because the business model that creates social impact is still too new in Vietnam. Male. But with the mind: Business must bring value to the community and society, Vinasamex has always been consistent when choosing to accompany the poor farmers in the highlands because they deserve to be enriched from the spiritual values. purity of the cinnamon tree, the tree responds to love and the smell of sweat.

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